BARK BOSS No-Bark Collar

BARK BOSS No-Bark Collar


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The BARK BOSS No-Bark Collar is perfect for small dogs with its compact and lightweight design, and easy to adjust quick snap collar buckle. Small and compact in design with an easy buckle collar to fit very small dogs. The DT Bark Boss bark control collar handles all types of dog barking problems. It features 8 stimulation levels and a beeping warning tone with an easy turn dial. Uses 6V battery (INCLUDED) NOTE: Rechargeable battery can be purchased separately. The collar can be programmed for a beeping Tone only, or a beeping Tone warning with the stimulation shortly following.

Here is how it works:

  • Put the collar on the dog (collar adjusts from 7 – 27”).
  • Fit the collar snugly around the dog’s neck so the sensor and the contacts are able to make good contact with the skin under the dog's fur.
  • Turn the easy turn dial to the needed level (from 1 – 8) or “T” for beeping tone only.
  • NOTE: Stimulation level will depend on size and temperament of the dog. 
  • The middle (black) post on the collar senses the vibration from the dog’s vocal cords.
  • It WILL NOT activate from loud noises or other dog’s barking . Only from your dog’s barking.
  • The sensor pics up the barking vibration & activates the beeping tone, followed by the Stimulation.
  • This gets the dog’s attention, and they begin to associate this Stimulation with their barking so they stop the unwanted barking. Problem solved.