We all love our dogs, they certainly are "Man's best friend..." and when they bark at uneccessary times, it can create stressful situations for dog, and owner.  Here at DT we have developed very safe and effective means for helping your dog learn how to control unnecessary barking.

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No Bark Training

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  1. 190 DT No Bark (Bark Control Collar)

    The 190 DT is a tough and durable No Bark collar that is easy to use and long lasting.  Made for medium to large size dogs this collar is perfect for any dog that barks excessively. 

    No-Bark trainer with 9 levels of intensity for medium to extra large dogs.  Uses 9V battery.

  2. 1125 DT No Bark (Bark Control Collar)

    The 1125 DT is a RECHARGEABLE No-Bark trainer with 8 levels of adjustable intensity for all dogs.  Very durable with easily adjustable buckle style coated nylon collar and rugged 100% waterproof construction, this No Bark collar is built to last!

  3. Ultra Min-e 2090 No Bark (Bark Control Collar)

    The Ultra Min-e 2090 was specifically designed for smaller dogs, the lightweight and compact size fits smaller dogs perfectly.  The collar strap is easily adjustable and the 8 levels of Gentle Touch static stimulation offers safe and effective bark control for all dogs.

  4. DT Systems Micro iDT remote Dog Training Collar DT Systems Micro iDT remote Dog Training Collar

    Micro-iDT PLUS Remote Dog Training Collar

    The Micro-iDT PLUS is a lightweight trainer that offers simple controls, but advanced features so that this unit can grow with your dog’s training needs.  This system can expand to a 2-dog or 3-dog system.  The rugged micro-sized collar unit and transmitter fit in the palm of your hand.  The comfortable waterproof collar fits small to large dogs.

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4 Item(s)