There are times when excessive, and unwanted barking can affect our relationship with our pets.  DT Systems has a wide range of No Bark collars that can be used as safe and effective bark control for your loving pet.  

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  1. 190 DT No Bark (Bark Control Collar)

    The 190 DT is a tough and durable No Bark collar that is easy to use and long lasting.  Made for medium to large size dogs this collar is perfect for any dog that barks excessively. 

    No-Bark trainer with 9 levels of intensity for medium to extra large dogs.  Uses 9V battery.

  2. 1125 DT No Bark (Bark Control Collar)

    The 1125 DT is a RECHARGEABLE No-Bark trainer with 8 levels of adjustable intensity for all dogs.  Very durable with easily adjustable buckle style coated nylon collar and rugged 100% waterproof construction, this No Bark collar is built to last!

  3. Ultra Min-e 2090 No Bark (Bark Control Collar)

    The Ultra Min-e 2090 was specifically designed for smaller dogs, the lightweight and compact size fits smaller dogs perfectly.  The collar strap is easily adjustable and the 8 levels of Gentle Touch static stimulation offers safe and effective bark control for all dogs.

  4. Bark BOSS Bark Control Collar

    The Bark Boss No-Bark trainer from DT Systems is the perfect solution to help train your dog to stop unwanted barking.  The collar can be programmed for a beeping Tone only, or a beeping Tone warning with the e-Stim shortly following.   Here's How it Works:

  5. Put the collar on the dog (collar is adjustable from 7" to 27")
  6. Adjust the easy clip buckle collar so that the collar is snug around the dog's neck
  7. Turn the easy turn dial to the needed level (from 1-8) or "T" for beeping Tone only
  8. NOTE: Dial is marked with easy to read numbers for easy selection of desired stim level
  9. e-Stim level depends on size and temperament of dog (test light included to test unit)
  10. WILL NOT activate from other loud noises or other dogs' barking
  11. The middle (black) post on the collar senses the vibration from the dog's vocal cords
  12. Sensor picks up barking vibration from your dog & activates beeping Tone & e-Stim
  13. This gets the dogs attention & they stop unwanted barking.  Barking problem solved!

Set Descending Direction


4 Item(s)