Hand held dummy launchers, Remote dummy launchers, or Bird Launchers, whatever type of Dog training launcher you are looking for, D.T. has them all! 

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Dummy/Bird Launchers

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  • Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher

    Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher

    Our Super Pro Remote Dummy Launcher can be set up anywhere you want to simulate a retrieving situation.  Up to 16 can be added to one remote for a variety of launch angles and presentations.  Remotely control multiple dummy launches and training setups from any location.

  • BL Natural Flush Bird Launchers

    BL Natural Flush Bird Launchers

    Live bird launchers for Field training.  The BL Series of Bird Launchers is the toughest, quietest, easiest loading, and dependable series of bird launcers available.  The 500 series is for Quail sized birds, while the larger 700 series is made for Pheasants or Ducks.

  • Super-Pro Dummy Launchers

    Super-Pro Dummy Launchers

    DT Systems Launchers are excellent tools used to help teach and reinforce the hunting situation by simulating the sound of a “BANG” with the marking of a "bird" (the dummy being launched) in the sky.  They use a .22 caliber "blank" to propel the dummy from 50-100 yards depending on the power of the load used.

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