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  • Remote Trainers

    Remote Trainers

    This line of electronic training collars offers units for the beginner to professional trainer. Some units offer waterproof design, and are easily expandable for the multi-dog owner.

  • No-Bark Trainers

    No-Bark Trainers

    There are times when excessive, and unwanted barking can affect our relationship with our pets.  DT Systems has a wide range of No Bark collars that can be used as safe and effective bark control for your loving pet.  

  • Remote Beeper Collars

    Remote Beeper Collars

    These E Collars allow you to keep track of your dog’s location, and let you know if your hunting dog is on point. Rugged and waterproof collars available.

  •  Dummy/Bird Launchers

    Dummy/Bird Launchers

    Hand held dummy launchers, Remote dummy launchers, or Bird Launchers, whatever type of Dog training launcher you are looking for, D.T. has them all! 

  • Dummies


    Our durable and rugged dummies are a great pet training tool. Choose from our Soft Mouth or Canvas/Nylon dummies with a variety of color options.

  • Training Kits

    Training Kits

    Wanting to know how to train your dog? The first step is to have the right tools. D.T. Systems offers training kits that have everything you need to train the best hunting dog in the world.

  • GPS Based Pet Containment System

    GPS Based Pet Containment System

    DE Systems offers the first truly portable, wireless, GPS-based pet containment system, covering an area with up to an 800 yard radius from a programmable Center Point.  The unit also has a standard e-collar built into it for training as well. Please go to for more information.

  • Parts & Acc.

    Parts & Acc.

    Extra parts, Batteries, Chargers, Antennas, Lanyards, Holsters for Transmitters, find it all here.

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