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Dummy | Soft Mouth Training Dummy Large


The DT Systems Large Soft Mouth Trainer Dummy is a great tool in training your dog to have a “soft” mouth. The S-Grips on the Soft-Mouth Trainer allow your dog to hold the dummy in their mouth with a softer more gentle grip. These trainers are made with a soft, pliable plastic that simulates the feeling of a real bird’s body when retrieving. You can also inflate or deflate the dummy to further customize your training sessions.


  • Patent pending “ S GripTM ”™ technology for easier gripping and holding
  • Softer, more pliable plastic gives the New Soft-Mouth Trainer ™ the feeling of a real bird’s body when retrieving.
  • Trains your dog to naturally hold with a gentler grip
  • Perfect for land or water training (Dummies FLOAT in water)
  • Excellent for water training or field use
  • Versatile, durable and long lasting
  • Height: 11.25″
  • Throwing rope comes with White, Orange and Black/White Only



SKU: SMTL GTIN: 712548812006
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