George Hickox: Training the Upland Retriever (DVD)
George Hickox teaches the how to’s of training gundogs to owners through this easy-to-understand and logical program that he has been teaching across North America for the past decade in his School of Dog Training for Owners and Their Dogs.
3 volume DVD by George Hickox on Training the Upland Retriever
(Three Volumes on One Disc)



  • Volume 1: Find ‘Em and Flush ‘Em
    This volume cover introduction to birds and gun, patterning, and hunting in range.

  • Volume 2: Basic Obedience and Electronic Collar Training
    This volumes instructs the viewer how to properly train with low-level stimulation. This is a comprehensive program for the basic yard commands of Kennel, Sit, Here and Heel

  • Volume 3: The Conditioned Retriever and Steady to Wing & Shot
    This volume instructs the viewer in the advanced training methods of developing a reliable retriever and delivery. Also covered in full are the training methods used to teach a dog to sit on the flush and shot, and not to chase.

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