The Bark Boss RECHARGEABLE No-Bark trainer from DT Systems is the perfect solution to help train your dog to stop unwanted barking.  The collar can be programmed for a beeping Tone only, or a beeping Tone warning with the e-Stim shortly following.

    Here is how it works:
    • Put the collar on the dog (collar is adjustable from 7 - 27”).
    • Adjust the easy clip buckle collar so that the collar is snug around the dog’s neck.
    • Turn the easy turn dial to the needed level (from 1 - 8) or "T" for beeping tone only.
    • Stimulation level will depend on size and temperament of the dog. (test light included)
    • The middle (black) post on the collar senses the vibration from the dog’s vocal cords.
    • It WILL NOT activate from loud noises or other dog’s barking . Only from your dog’s barking.
    • The sensor pics up the barking vibration  & activates the beeping tone, followed by the e-Stim
    • This gets the dog’s attention, and they begin to associate this with the barking so they stop the unwanted barking. Problem solved.
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