• ANTENNA 2.5″

    Standard Antenna (2 1/2") for the: Micro-iDT, SPOT, and Bird Launcher transmitters as well as for the RAPT 1400 and 1450 lines & the PA 300, RH 360 and CC 360. Will also fit other DT models, H20, SPOT, MR 1100, RAPT series. [porto_block name=""]

    Replacement rechargeable NiMH collar battery for the H2O, RAPT 1450, SPT2400, BTB, EDT, EZT, ST PRO, CDT, RH, RH2 units. [porto_block name=""]

    12v Standard Battery Charger (USA) for IDT Series/ MR1100 Series/ IDT Series/ H2O Series/ SPT2400 Series/ 1125DT/ RH2 Series/ RH Pro Series   IMPORTANT:  Double-jack and triple-jack splitter cables required for simultaneous charging multiple collar unit(s) (sold separately). NOTE:  This charger is compatible with units that came with the same charger (Yellow Ends).  If your unit came with a completely black charger, your splitter cables will not work with this unit.   [porto_block name=""]

    Replaceable Collar Belt: COLLAR BELT H2O/EDT/EZT/ST/SPT 2400/CDT/RH/RH2  

    BATTERY CHARGING TERMINAL COVER for COLLAR box.  Fits the below models: H2O/EDT/EZT/ST/SPT2400/CDT/RH/RH2/RAPT1450 NOTE: May fit others depending upon application. [porto_block name="dt-related-products-micro-idt"]

    115VAC Standard Battery Charger (USA) for: IDT Series / RAPT Series / 1125 No Bark/ SPT2400/ RH Pro 1000/ SPOT Series IMPORTANT:  A single jack cable is required to charge the IDT/RAPT/1125/RH Pro collars with this charger.  Splitter cables are required for simultaneous charging of transmitter and collar unit(s) (sold separately).  The SPT 2400 series require a special double-jack, or triple-jack adaptor/splitter cable for proper fitment to collar or transmitter charging receptacle (sold separately). NOTE: If the charger that came with your unit had a yellow tip (the output end), this charger will not be compatible with your  cables.  This charger is for units that came with completely black chargers.  Please click here to be directed to the correct charger. [porto_block name="dt-related-products-micro-idt"]

    Replacement Contact Points: CONTACT Points,  1 set of 2 fits: H2O/EDT/EZT/ST/PA/SPT2400/CDT/RH/RH2/RAPT1450 ** NOTE: Washer are required with these contacts.   ** STANDARD contacts are 1/2" non insulated. [porto_block name="dt-related-products-micro-idt"]