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Meet the D.T. Pro-Staff Team

D.T. Systems is committed to bringing innovative products that you can count on and trust.  That's why we have some of the best trainers in the business putting our equipment through the toughest tests in the toughest conditions.  And after enduring their rigorous routines with flying colors, we ask for their feedback on how we can make our gear even better!  Our Pro-Staff has a key role in developing our products, and we're pretty sure you'll see the benefits when you use D.T. Systems gear.

George Hickox (Senior Pro-Staff Member)

George Hickox (George Hickox Bird Dogs, PA)

George Hickox Bird Dogs, PA
"All e-collars stimulate. Not all collars are training collars. The D.T. Systems units with the momentary, jump, and rise modes allow a trainer to help, push, or shove the dog. I use the 2420 system for all my training. There is simply no better training collar available."

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart (Wildrose Kennels, MS)

Wildrose Kennels, MS
"The D.T. hand-held launcher is superior to any product of its type on the market."

Jim Beverly

Jim Beverly (Retriever Training, NY)

Retriever Training, NY
"The D.T. System allows me to use my techniques with keeping the dogs focus on the task at hand and not used as a so called correction. D.T. options work great for refocusing rather than punishing (a correction) the dog for making a mistake or disobeying, a huge advantage in assuring success with the animal and not losing the desire or willingness to please. In addition to being user friendly, I can condition a dog in as little as 15 minutes."

Jeremy Criscoe

Jeremy Criscoe (Whistling Wings Kennel, AL)

Whistling Wings Kennel, AL
"D.T. Systems collars and bumpers have been a great addition to our products that we sell and recommend to all our clients."

Ryan Eder

Ryan Eder (Upland Gundog Association, IL)

Upland Gundog Association, IL
"D.T. Systems makes a product for every facet of dog training from bumpers, pet containment, e-collars and launchers, making them the most comprehensive and complete line of dog training equipment in the industry."

GK Calls Team

GK Calls Team (GK Calls, MI)

GK Calls, MI
"Whether in the field, marsh, or woods, D.T. Systems products keep our working dogs in top shape and right where we need them for each and every hunt.  We won't go afield without them!”

Dan Ihrke

Dan Ihrke (Green Acres Sportman's Club, IL)

Green Acres Sportsman's Club, IL
"Here at Green Acres Sportsman’s club, we train 40 plus working dogs each year for the most serious hunters, and competitors.  The equipment that we use must be efficient, tough, and reliable in the most demanding outdoor environments.  D.T. Systems Products exemplify these qualities.  We exclusively use D.T. equipment, and recommend their products to all of our clients. 

Dave Jones

Dave Jones (Chief's Brittanys, TX)

Chief's Brittanys, TX
"My love of Brittanys continually compels me to find new and innovative ways to get the job done in as humane a fashion possible.  I am not satisfied with the "status quo" of bird dog training, so I am always on the cutting edge of new technology in the bird dog training industry.  D.T. Systems vibration technology has recently allowed me to develop a new approach to bird dog training

Ethan & Kat Pippitt

Ethan & Kat Pippitt (Standing Stone Kennels, KS)

Standing Stone Kennels, KS
"We understand the importance of working with owners so they feel comfortable handling their dog.  We're always eager to answer questions and help both dogs and owners through training situations.  We really enjoy working with puppies and young dogs and believe that every dog can be trained; all you have to do is help them succeed!  With D.T. Systems' great line of products we have everything we need to get the job done!”

Chris Riddle

Chris Riddle (6R Upland Kennels, IA)

6R Upland Kennels, IA
"After 4 years of using other name brand training collars and having them fail, I switched to the D.T. H2O 1850 and still have the original set I was given.  They are now several years old and still work excellent."

Josh Tucker

Trophy Time Gun Dogs
, IL
"We have extensive dog training experience with D.T. Systems products and can attribute much of our success to the quality and reliability that we get from them every time we use them in the field."

Blake Wolf

Ringneck Kennels
, KS
"Consistency is the key to any training program! With D.T. Systems, I know I am using a product that is extremely reliable, durable, and versatile. I am using a training tool that I know will withstand the toughest conditions on the longest training days!."

Joe Worsham

Joe Worsham DT Pro Trainer
Worsham Kennels, MO
"Field Trial success means a lot of hard work, long days, a great training program, and a reliable and durable dog training collar.  I can rely on DT Systems e-collars to get the job done for me day in and day out!."

Chad Phillips

Chad Phillips DT Systems Pro Staff
Phillips Gundogs,NE
"We believe training is best done in a positive non-forceful manner, which helps develop a stylish happy dog in the field.  We chose DT Systems products as they are high quality, rugged, reliable, and adaptable for all training and hunting situations.  Chad brags about his bird launchers that are over 14 years old and still work great to this day."