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About D.T. Systems

DT Collar Uses include Professional trainers, obedience instructors, hunting guides, kennel owners and pet owners


Setting the Pace for the Training Collar Industry!

D.T. Systems, Inc. is a true pioneer of the e-collar and dog training business and has been building advanced and affordable electronic training collars since 1983. With our corporate office, service center and shipping facility located in Dallas, Texas for 30 years, D.T. Systems and its staff is always dedicated to quality, innovation and service.

As a D.T. Systems customer you will always be #1 and your needs will always come first. By assessing dogs' behavioral situations and specific training needs, D.T. Systems remains a leader in the industry.

Loyal customer feedback is the driving force behind the company's product development. This feedback helps us design innovative new products which are humane and simple to operate. Consumer feedback helps us continually strive to engineer stronger, more durable and reliable products. People with dogs that have special training needs or behavioral problems rely on D.T. Systems products each and every day to make their pets the best that they can be.


Innovating and Advancing Technology!

D.T. Systems has consistently led the industry in "cutting edge" technology, breaking new ground at every turn. We're proud to say that we were the first to introduce state-of -the-art Digital Microcomputer Technology to our training collars. This sweeping technological breakthrough has revolutionized the electronic training collar industry forever. In fact, this new, industry-leading digital system has allowed us to program even more features and options into our collars. Our innovative ideas and designs have led to the creation of new collars which are smaller and more compact. These new models are lightweight, convenient and easy for anyone to use. Digital systems are also more durable and electronically efficient; they use less battery power and allow for longer use between charges, features every user can appreciate.

In addition to Digital technology, D.T. Systems was the first company to offer Vibration Assist™ features to an electronic training collar, thereby giving customers a "non-shocking" option.

D.T. Systems also led the industry in developing convenient, transmitter-adjustable intensity levels. All of our collars have adjustable levels of intensity. Adjustable stimulation allows handlers to train at the lowest possible level for a given dog's stimulation tolerance. This helps to prevent over-correction. Transmitter-adjustable intensity levels give the handler the ability to quickly increase stimulation levels if the dog is not responding.


Continuing Our Commitment to Excellence!

D.T. Systems is fully committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality. Our products are extremely durable, reliable and always simple to understand and operate. We have an ongoing goal to design and construct unrivaled products that are compact in size while maintaining maximum range, power and performance. We will continue to dedicate our efforts towards the development of innovative products which offer more features and benefits than the competition at a more affordable price.