Whether you’re wanting to train your dog by use of dummy launcher to reinforce the sound of a “BANG” and mark the bird in the sky, or you’re wanting to simulate an actual hunting situation with a natural flush bird launcher, D.T. System’s launchers are key.

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  • Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher

    Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher

    The D.T. Systems SUPER-PROTM Remote Dummy Launcher (RDL) is the most technologically advanced Dummy Launcher on the market today.

    Through extensive field research, with feedback from our top retriever Pro-Trainers and working retriever owners all around the country, D.T. Systems has created a remote training aid that will make retriever training easier, more productive, and result in a more well rounded working dog in the field, on hunt tests, and in trials.

  • BL Natural Flush Bird Launchers

    BL Natural Flush Bird Launchers

    The BL series Bird Launcher is a must for those who are looking to simulate real hunting situations in a controlled environment.  Loaded with features, it is an effective and essential tool in your dog's training program.

  • Super-Pro Dummy Launchers

    Super-Pro Dummy Launchers

    DT Systems Launchers are excellent tools used to help teach and reinforce the hunting situation by simulating the sound of a “BANG” with the “marking” of a bird in the sky.